Laboratory for Mineral Physics
Here are some computer programs that we use. If you use them, please cite or acknowledge us.

Reads images from a four-color imaging system and calculates temperatures / temperature distributions in a laser heating system. Much of it may be specific to my system, but perhaps it is portable to other labs. Written in Python.

Simple control of an IPG Photonics fiber laser through a serial port. Written in Python.

This is a planetary growth + core differentiation model. Earth is accreted stepwise, as if by a series of impacts, similar to models by Wood et al., Rubie et al., Seibert et al., Fischer et al., etc. The impactor is equilibrated at high P,T conditions, and then segregated into the core and mantle of the growing Earth. Uses the partitioning parameterizations of Fischer et al. 2015. It's a work in progress, but it gets a job done. Written in Julia.